A Pinterest Idea–Actually Done!

25 Apr


“Love is an overused word in today’s world.  “I just love French fries!”  “Love, love, love those shoes!”  “Don’t you just love Benedict Cumberbatch?”  (Why, yes, yes I do!)  But I can honestly say that I love Pinterest.  I need to google it so I can find out who actually started it and how that particular ball got rolling and is now the approximate size of Mt. Vesuvius!  Good grief, everyone who is anyone is on Pinterest.  And I am no exception.

At any rate, I ran across this darling tiered planter on that site.  I don’t recall who posted it–really, does that make any difference whatsoever?  But they used terra cotta planters which they painted black.  Then I saw a post of someone who actually tried it and she said you really have to use a great big base pot or, in her words, it turns out “underwhelming.”  So, I trot off to Home Depot to find the necessary items to put one of these puppies together.

Well, the large base pot, in terra cotta, was $50!  And, I really couldn’t lift it.  Now imagine that, I pondered, filled with dirt AND two other pots on top of it filled with dirt.  No can do.  Plus, the next two smaller sizes were none too cheap either.  Now what do I do?  I wandered down the pot aisles (no, not that kind of pot!) and spotted something.  Hmmm…of course, it was behind a huge pallet of something really heavy so I had to squeeze behind it to see whether or not these particular pots would fill the bill.

In the original Pinterest post, the terra cotta pots were painted black and had some cute dots and designs on them.  It was cute, no lie, but as whimsical as I like to be, I kind of wanted to stay simple.  The pots I had come across were plastic AND already black AND way cheaper and lighter than the terra cotta version.  I mean, I bought all three pots for under $50!  Yay!  I then bought the biggest bag of potting soil you could purchase, white spray paint that works on plastic, and a thick dowel to put through all 3 pots so it stays intact during strong winds.

I take all my treasures home and promptly left them there for almost a week (including the flowers and plants intended for the finished product).  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!  But when I got to it, I spray painted the white rectangle and, when it dried, used a permanent black magic marker to add the address.  I had some decorative plant sticks with the flowers and the butterfly on them, so I pried those apart and glued them to the address rectangle.

I had just had my son and his family here visiting and he cleared out all the pine straw in my garden patio and had replaced it with gravel.  There was one small bag left which is what I put in the bottom pot to make it stable.  But first, I did what I saw on another idea and put a bunch of pots in the bottom, upside down.  This took up a lot of “air space” which would have had to have been filled with potting soil.  And, believe me, this project took almost every bit of the largest bag of potting soil even with the pots and the gravel in the bottom of each pot.  I had to drill the large holes in the top two pots in order to get the dowel in.  I left about 8″ of the dowel sticking out so I could use it to secure the glass yard art object I had purchased in Oregon at a Farmer’s Market.

The other person who had tried this project and suggested that we get the really large pot for the bottom also said she had a hard time getting the plants between the layers.  Because I used the larger pot, I had no problem with this.  There are 6 English Daisies and 6 ivy plants in the bottom pot; 7 marigolds and 7 yellow Lantana plants in the middle; and one large white (had been a hanging plant) Bacopa in the top pot.  I tell you the number of plants because I had to go back to the store three times to get enough to fill it.  If you don’t have it nice and full, it really looks kind of lame.  After I had them full of dirt and stacked, I was able to push the dowel through.  I used a Velcro tie to secure the glass piece to the dowel.  Voila!

I will not have to move it in the winter because it is plastic.  I would have had to move the terra cotta every winter because it would end up crumbling and falling apart eventually.  Plus, I don’t think I could have moved it once it was full of dirt and plants in the terra cotta version.

I like the way it turned out and certainly sets my cookie cutter condo garage area apart from everyone else’s!

Have fun!



Gotta love Pinterest!

25 Apr

Gotta love Pinterest!

My version of the tiered address planter

Everything’s just peachy…thanks for asking…

20 Jul

Well, here I am…ready to begin my life as a Georgia Peach.  I bought a “flipped” condo which pretty much needs a total “re-flip” because it was not done very well.  I think the guy’s decorator must have been slightly color blind.  At any rate, at least it is cleaned out so I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s dirt.  Bleh!

I kicked this whole thing off by joining Angie’s List where I am finding all kinds of tradesmen.  Let’s begin with the electrical work, shall we?  First of all, I bought 3 ceiling lights/fans to install, a new kitchen light, and only one bath vanity fixture for the powder room.  The electrician provided the 5 recessed lights and the smoke/carbon monoxide detector.  As he worked, Joaquin kept running into issues from the extremely poor electrical work done by the original contractors.  My neighbor informed me that they are all encountering these problems.  Sixteen hundred dollars later (yeah…that’s $1,600!), the job was done.  But what a difference a recessed light can make!  He took out the old fashioned frosted globe type fixtures (you know, with the brass neck and embossed flowers) and put the new recessed lights in.  I will mention here that every single ceiling has popcorn finishes.  I know…awful.  But, somehow, after the recessed lights went in, they didn’t seem quite so bad.  Or maybe I am just getting used to them.  Either way, I can’t afford to have them scraped and refinished.  They will have to stay that way.  Probably forever.

I have spent about $1200 at Home Depot, so far.  I am painting every single wall.  All of them.  Everything is painted a beige-tan–which is not bad, except it doesn’t match the carpet, or the tile. Why does everyone think there is only one shade of beige/tan?   And speaking of tile, the powder room which is right off the short hallway, has rust with gray linoleum, which is supposed to look like slate, I think.  It is particularly painful to see because it butts up against the hallway (tan) ceramic tile.  I mean, it practically screams, “Hi!  I am the powder room!”  Bleh!

Tomorrow at 8 am…sigh….I will be meeting a man named Bert from Patchmasters to discuss fixing the aforementioned popcorn ceiling where something in the upstairs bathroom leaked and they tried to fix it.  That attempt was a dismal failure.  Also, like in most over 55 communities, there are medicine cabinets in every bathroom.  Really?!  I mean, even in the powder room–apparently for quick access.  And it’s in the most inconvenient spot!  So, that needs to be removed and the ginormous hole it will leave fixed along with the hole that was left behind the vanity fixture above the mirror.  Honestly, it’s difficult to explain.

But I am hopeful that I can get the place painted and all these things fixed and then begin my life there.  I’ve met three of the neighbors and they are all wonderful women probably around my age…maybe a few years older.  All single.

I shall continue this saga as things progress.  In the meantime, I shall pour myself a tall glass of iced sweet tea and listen to the crickets chirping.

Later, y’all…: )



The Weight Loss Ticker

24 Nov

Okay, I am seriously thinking of just removing the ticker from blog.  It is a painful reminder of my lack of initiative, false starts, quick stops, the last cookie I ate, my exercise routine…or lack thereof, and the fact that I had lost 30 pounds by this time last year (that would be 2011).  Truth be told, I do believe I’ve actually gained a few pounds since the last “false start.”  I go to my blogspot and there it is.  Taunting me.  Reminding me that I foolishly gave away a few articles of clothing I, perhaps, should have kept–for the inevitable future use!  AARRRGGGHHH!!

Add to that the fact that I am leaving for Israel, LORD willing, in a month.  Can a person lose 30 lbs. in a month?

I have very strong feelings about that ticker right about now–none of them good.

Just an observation…

24 Nov

So, I’m busy sewing for Christmas and since I can’t really watch a movie during that time, I listen to Christmas music on my computer.  I sing along, stumbling over words, making some up, going off key, etc.  Oh!  Barbra Streisand comes on and sometimes, at least in my own contorted view of it, I can sound like her.  hahahahaha  Anyway, it occurs to me–ummmm…Barbra Streisand is Jewish.  She’s Jewish and she’s singing Christmas songs.  She’s singing Christmas songs and they are about Jesus being born.  They are about Jesus being born and He came as the Savior.  He came as the Savior and….she’s Jewish.  Huh.  Interesting.

I mention this to my sister, Toni, and she says, “Christmas albums make a lot of money.”  Huh.  Interesting.

Re-imagined Magnetic Frames

28 Oct

Photo 1

I purchased 2 of these all wood pictures at a discount store on clearance for $20 each.  I liked the distressed-looking wood as well as the black insets between the frames.


I painted the inside surface with 2 coats of magnetic paint (purchased at Michael’s), allowing them to dry 24 hours between coats.

After the last coat of magnetic paint dried for 24 hours, I painted the area black using acrylic paint (2 coats, allowing the first coat to dry about an hour).

As you can see, they make great photo displays.  Magnetic paint works best with flat magnets (like you get from advertisers in the mail).  I just cut a small piece and attach one to each corner of the photo (with no glass, the corners will curl over time), using a double-faced tape (like you use for scrapbooking) to secure them.

I also purchased some small bird magnets to add some “bling” to the grouping.

I live in a one room loft and don’t have an abundance of flat space to place framed photos.  But with this method, I can easily change out my grandchildren’s pictures each year without benefit of horizontal space. : )



Back to the starting gate…

27 Oct

When I was young, I didn’t have yearly physicals, or bi-yearly, or even tri-yearly physicals.  I paid a visit to the doctor for one of three reasons:  1)  One of my kids was sick; 2) I was sick; or 3) I was pregnant. <8 O  Nooooooooo……!!!!  Okay, moment has passed…especially since I have passed third and am heading in toward 60.  (Plus, I had a hysterectomy after my fourth…but I digress.)

Once I turned 50, the doctor visits became a yearly excursion.  And let me tell you, 50 is the magic number.  Lots of weird and horrible things have to happen to you at the hands of a number of technicians, nurses and doctors at the ripe old age of 50!  This particular visit, I found myself complaining to my (young) doctor that I can’t seem to lose weight despite my best efforts.  I had lost almost 30 pounds on the Dukan diet last year, but had gained them back fairly quickly, I’m sorry to say.  She told me that my body has probably leveled itself out and unless I want to engage in an activity that produces sweat in gross volumes on a three times a week basis, I probably won’t get any lower.

I found myself staring at her…loving her and hating her all at the same time.  Loving her because she just assured me that it was through no real fault of my own.  And hating her because she mentioned the unmentionable–the very thought I had laboriously endeavored on a daily basis to avoid thinking about, strenuous exercise.  I dropped my chin and shook my head and chortled…yes, chortled!  After all, I walk at a pretty good clip (3.7 miles per hour according to my daughter’s treadmill) at least a couple of times a day for about 20-30 minutes–usually more often than that because of Molly, aka “She Who Must Be Walked…A Lot!”  In addition, each time I take her in and out or go on an errand, I descend and ascend 33 steps.  Multiply that times the 5 or 6 times a day I use them and you’ve got a pretty good amount of “strenuous” going on!

Since I am going to Israel for Christmas, I am mightily determined to lose at least 20 lbs. by the time I leave.  I’m not even sure I can do that, realistically, but I shall give it the old college try.  The worst that can happen is that I lose a few pounds and have to buy a couple of pairs of decent pants because I have a ton of tops!

Wait a minute!  Does shopping count as strenuous exercise?  Hmmmm….have to google that!